Beats of the Week: Radiooooo – Vintage Music for the Modern Man

November 14, 2016

Your days of rummaging through through yard sales and records store clearance bins for hidden vintage treasures is over. If your musical taste and curiosity has ever pointed you away from today’s hits and the top 40 lists of yester-year you already know that finding recommendations outside of Frank Sinatra and the Bing Crosby can be a bit of a task. But a new music streaming service has recently popped up that aims to become an repository to all recorded music, ever!

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Mailed to Measure – 7 Newsletters to Improve Your Inbox & Save You Time

November 13, 2016



It can be overwhelming to stay up-to-date on today’s fashion tips, music releases and seasonal trends. You don’t always have time to read every article on a given site, and when you finally sit down to digest them, it can be hard to decipher what will resonate with you and what might just be white noise. Newsletters can be your secret weapon against a mountain of content that grows by the minute.
Maybe you already have a few Google News Alerts in place to let you know when your favorite band announces a new tour but there’s almost no end to what you can automate and curate when it comes to filling your inbox with reading material.

It’s takes far too long to find good content. Our inboxes should be something we enjoy retreating to after a long day sifting through pop-up ads, click bait, and recycled content. Tailor your newsletter subscriptions to your own interests and forgot the days when “Load More” was a gamble against your time.

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How To: Support Movember Without Shaving Your Beard

November 4, 2016

beard trim stock mustache twist grooming


Movember season is upon us again and your instagram feed is beginning to fill with handlebar mustaches and crumb catchers in support of prostate cancer research. While the Movember Foundation is the only charity focused on men’s health globally, it’s humble beginnings can be traced back to a small group of friends in Australia.

It’s no doubt that the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas behind the project are doing incredible, impact-full work, but campaign rests on one terrifying requirement….Shaving. If that’s not something you’re prepared to part with, there are still plenty of ways you can support the cause without dusting off the razor and sacrificing the beard.

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10 Seasonal Cocktails to Wet Your Whistle, and Warm Your Innards!

November 3, 2016

best holiday seasonal cocktails christmas

As the weather cools, there is one sure fire way to keep warm; a rich and seasonal cocktail. The Straw Boss Comb Collective has hand selected and compiled the best cocktail recipes of the season.

“Though the weather outside is frightful, the fire is sure delightful..”

Onward to our 10 picks for Seasonal Cocktails to wet your whistle!

[Source image is the Pomegranate Manhattan via Shutterbean]

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Straw Boss Comb Collective – Movember Ambassador Rewards

November 2, 2016

straw boss comb collective movember ambassador discount

Are you participating in Movember this year? If so, the Straw Boss Comb Collective wants to reward you for being an Ambassador to the program and raising awareness/funds for Men’s health and common Cancers.

If you aren’t growing a marvelous moustache this month, there are plenty of other ways to raise funds and support you fellow gents and the Movember Foundation;

  • Shaving your whiskers or head
  • Temporarily dying your facial hair a bright color
  • Recreating Classic Facial Hair Styles
  • Donating to the Movember Foundation
  • Supporting a fellow Gentleman’s Movember Stache
  • More Ideas!

However you choose to participate, you only need to complete 3 actions to earn the title of A Straw Boss Comb Collective Movember Ambassador! Doing so will unlock an exclusive coupon code for 20% your entire purchaseat the Straw Boss Comb Collective, and our endless gratitude for participating in this charitable event.
Exclusive Discount for Movember Participants!


Top 40 Life Tips For The Modern Gentleman

October 28, 2016



It isn’t easy being a gentleman. It requires constant awareness of one’s self, and awareness of the feelings and perceptions of others. A gentleman is diligent, savvy, polite, and ahead of the curve.

Here are our best 40 tips for the modern gentlemen. Designed to improve your day to day life; from health, romance, etiquette, to just plain sensibility.



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