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50 Things to Do This Autumn

September 21, 2016

50 activities to do this autumn


Whether you love Autumn or not, it’s coming. Tomorrow, as a matter of fact. But crisp air and amber leaves don’t have to be a bummer – there are a ton of amazing things to do during Fall.

Here’s our list of 100 different things you can do this Autumn.

And, I promise they don’t involve a romp in the leaves.

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Write Drunk, Edit Sober: Your Favorite Writer’s Favorite Cocktails

September 17, 2016

write drunk edit sober literary writer author post-modern post modern literature 20th century poet favorite favourite cocktail mixed drink recipe instructions


Surely you’ve caught yourself imaging what it would be like to spend an afternoon in a cantina with Ernest Hemingway, or to go pint-for-pint with Hunter S. Thompson in a Las Vegas dive bar. Though some of your favourite authors are now spoken of in the past tense, their works have become their legacy. But in their time, while they were living the life that would later define the dash between two dates in a lengthy obituary, their reputation (and behavior) made them infamous.

What better way to celebrate the memory of great artist than raising a glass of the very same cocktail responsible for nights worth writing about?
We’ve compiled the recipes of 10 cocktails as strong as the personalities they attracted, for you to discover and toast your favourite authors.

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Beats of the Week DoubleShot! – Dreamers + Narcos

September 12, 2016

brooklyn new york city indie synth pop rock band dreamers press photo for wolves (you got me) ep full album release august 2016 this album does not exist

No doubt, you’ve been binging season 2 of Narcos on Netflix. The entire Straw Boss crew is completely obsessed and it’s made for some refreshing new additions to the office music choices. If you’ve caught the salsa bug as well, then this week’s recommendation is for you. In a rare Double-Feature, Straw Boss is bringing the heat back home with a deep cut from the (incredible!) Narcos soundtrack, as well as a foot-stomping crowd-pleaser from Brooklyn’s DREAMERS.

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Style and Grooming

GUIDE: How to Grow a Beard – Bigger, Better, Faster

September 7, 2016



We get asked a lot here about beards at the Straw Boss Comb Collective. It seems more and more gents these days are looking for answers on how to grow a bigger beard, how to grow a better beard, how to grow a beard faster, – or even simply- how to grow a beard for the first time.  If you’re among those gentlemen, well- you’ve found the right place.

We’ve compiled all of our handy tips into this Guide: How to Grow a Beard! 

Beard on!

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Beats of the Week: Dagny – Ultraviolet

September 6, 2016

dagny ultraviolet ep debut release album cover umg records featuring borns and first single backbeat indie pop 2016

Boasting MILLIONS of downloads for her first single Backbeat, Dagny is no doubt an artist you’ve spent the summer with in your headphones and bluetooth speakers. And as the summer was beginning to come to an end, Dagny surprised everyone with her debut EP Ultraviolet (featuring BØRNS in the album’s closing track) just in time for the Labour Day long weekend.

Serving as both an impressive debut release and a powerful swan song to everyone’s favorite time of year, Ultraviolet is sure to find it’s way into your Friday night playlists if it hasn’t already.

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Style and Grooming

INSPIRATION: Men’s Modern Vintage Hairstyles to Show Your Barber

August 31, 2016

vintage modern mens hairstyles to show your barber

We’ve already shared Men’s Rockabilly hairstyle inspiration, and you loved it. It’s one of our most popular posts to date on the blog (but surprise, surprise – it’s trailing behind this libation themed number). But what if you’re looking for something a little less rockabilly, and a little more 9 to 5?

Well, we’ve got you covered. Introducing- the Modern Vintage. It’s reminiscent of the haircut your grandfather had, but updated for the 21st century.

Let’s get to the styles, shall we?

(Our featured image was posted on the StrawbossCombs Instagram. It features @raunchy.randy at@schorembarbier in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and was shot by @nomadbarber. )

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Around the Internet

Daughter Knows Best – Babies Reacting to Dads Shaving Off Their Beards

August 30, 2016


Whether it’s making babies try lemon for the first time or telling them you’ve eaten all their Halloween candy, there are a handful of  “pranks” new parents can’t seem to resist. Chances are your own father did this to you as an infant and it’s made for great dinner table reminiscing during the holidays but believe us when we say that nothing could be more dastardly, more emotionally damaging then the dreaded beard shave trick.

While no one in the Straw Boss Crew endorses this reckless behaviour, we all admit that it does make for some pretty entertaining YouTube content. That said, we strongly advise that you DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the irresponsible mischief detailed in the videos below.

Remember: When you can’t trust your instincts, trust your daughter. Don’t shave the beard!

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Food and Drink

THE ULTIMATE POUR-OVER MEALS: Make It Once, Then Have It Again For Lunch!

August 29, 2016

strawbosswords ultimate pour over meals easy leftover recipes


I’ll be the first to admit it; I’m a lazy chef. I’m a cutter of corners, a haph-hazard chopper, heck- I don’t think I’ve ever pre-heated an oven. I like my meals to be simple. But, I don’t like them to taste simple. So I’ve found the next best thing; The Pour-Over Meal; it makes a for a simple, and delicious dinner, and amazing leftovers, too.

I’ve rounded up my favourite recipes, all perfect for the Pour-Over. Simply double the batch to dine again, or just don’t share. After you’re finished your meal, divide the remaining portions into re-heatable tupperware containers, and simply store in the refrigerator (they will also keep in the freezer if you don’t want to enjoy them immediately).

See? You can still be a lazy chef and enjoy awesome, homemade dishes. You’ve just got to get more bang for your buck – with the Pour-Over!

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