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THE GENTLEMEN’S GUIDE – To Looking Like You Have Your Shit Together.

August 22, 2016

THE GENTLEMEN'S GUIDE to looking like you a have your shit together.

You may not have a 401K, but you have something more important – the skills to fake it until you make it. Well, at least- you will after you read our Gentlemen’s Guide To Looking Like You Have Your Shit Together. Call them life hacks, call them words of wisdom – whatever you call them, just try them out. You may just find yourself with prouder parents, a slew of envious mates, and a little extra attention from the fairer sex. Hopefully.

Let’s get to the tips!

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Beats of the Week: Hunx And His Punx – Lovers Lane

August 19, 2016

hunx and his punx hunks and his punks press promo photo for 2013 release street punks with hardly art records collaborating with shannon shaw of shannon and the clams first single lovers lane 2011 release too young to be in love garage rock punk bubblegum

From the ashes of his group Gravy Train!!!!!, with lyrical and vocal support from Shannon Shaw (Shannon and the Clams) came Seth Bogart’s Hunx and His Punx. Debuting in 2008 as Hunx and his Punkettes with a fully female backing band, the group went through several line-up changes before their first release Too Young To Be In Love as Hunx and his Punx.

Equals parts punk and bubblegum, Hunx and his Punx is soda shop revival come to life in the back of a tattoo parlor.

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Around the Internet

GUIDE: How to Grow Your Social Media Organically

August 17, 2016

how to grow your social media organically


The internet gives us endless opportunities to connect. Whether your a business, a brand, or just someone with something important to say, social media gives you the perfect platform. But it’s also a platform for everyone else. So, how can you stand out from the pack, and grow your reach? The Straw Boss Comb Collective Instagram page recently celebrated it’s 7000th follower. We have amassed 2.6k on Pinterest, 2k on Twitter, and over 1k on our Facebook Fan Page. So, how did we do it?

Stick around.

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Travel and Leisure

The Ultimate Guide: Road Trip Essentials

August 15, 2016

road trip essentials ultimate guide packing list


Is your wanderlust urging you out on the open road? We can’t blame you.

There are few precious days left remaining with under the summer sun, and an escape – even if only for the weekend, can turn even the most lackluster of summers into a memorable one. So wherever your steering wheel takes you, here is our ultimate packing list and guide for your travels. Bonne Voyage!

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Style and Grooming

Can You Really “Beat The Heat”? – The Complex Relationship Between Body Hair and Body Heat

August 5, 2016


So you’ve got some body hair. Big Deal! You probably look great with the beard anyway…but in your weakest moments, when the thermometer is creeping up toward 100 degrees, you can’t help but imagine you’d be cooler if you just shaved it all off and got rid of that “Fur Suit”. But is there really any truth to that claim? Does body hair actual increase your internal temperature, or is this just another modern myth we still insist on believing?

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Not Just For Nerds: 10 Must-Read Comic Books + Graphic Novels

July 3, 2016


If you’re an adult and you’re not reading comic books, you need to grow up. Although every Marvel Blockbuster (and every DC Flop) would have you believe they are nothing more than superheros punching bad guys and delivering quips, there is an almost limitless supply of books as tightly constructed as any episode of Mad Men or Game of Thrones.

Comic Books and Graphic Novels are a medium for storytelling, not a genre. And with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of 10 Comics and Graphic Novels specifically curated for the curious reader that couldn’t care less about Batman or Captain America.

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News and Updates

BEAT THE HEAT – Beard Oil Contest!

June 19, 2016

stylewars (2)


#HAPPYFATHERSDAY! And, what a perfect day to launch the Straw Boss Comb Collective BEAT THE HEAT – Beard Oil Contest! We’re giving you 10+ ways to earn entries, and the more you enter, the better your odds of winning!

Competition runs from June 19th – July 10th.

When the contest closes, we’ll randomly select 2 lucky winners from all of the valid entries to receive a full-size vial of the Straw Boss Comb Collective Beard Oil, delivered right to their door!

Enter below, and GOOD LUCK!

Beat The Heat – Beard Oil Contest!

News and Updates

The Straw Boss Comb Collective – Cruiser Collection has Arrived Just in Time for Father’s Day!

June 9, 2016

straw boss comb collective beard combs

The Straw Boss Combs Collective – Cruiser Collection is now available! The Cruiser Collection is a retro-inspired beard and moustache comb duo, crafted from resilient and durable Birch hardwood. The unique design not only contours to you hand for an un-matchable grip – but it also calls back to the design of a classic, rag-top Cadillac…

“The Cruiser Collection – Inspired by malted milks and rag top cars, the Straw Boss Comb Collective – Cruiser Collection will have you tapping your toes to the rock n’ roll on the radio! Your heels will be on fire to flip your mitts for a Straw Boss Original! #STRAWBOSSCOCRUISER”


Grab yours just in time for fathers day and get 20% off of the Cruiser Collection for a limited time! Enter code CRUISERDAD at checkout.


If you aren’t within closer proximity to our headquarters in Toronto, Canada – be sure to add expedited/express shipping to your cart in order to receive on time for Father’s day!