Beats of the Week: Bloodshot Bill – The One Man Rockabilly Band!

January 18, 2016

I was lucky enough to see Bloodshot Bill a few Halloweens back, in a tiny bar that was no doubt served a citation for over-occupancy that night. For our group it was just a regular downtown bar, but for everyone that knew what was about to go down, it was the city’s Rockabilly Mecca!

You hear “One-Man-Band” and immediately think Accordion, closely followed by, Get me the hell outta here- But you’re so wrong. Bloodshot Bill is a living, breathing Wolfman Jack with a guitar!

Check him out below, tearing it up at the 2015 Funtastic Dracula Carnival and then swing on over to his site to see if he’s coming to your town! Seriously though, this guy is on tour all year long.




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