13 Essential Rockabilly Hair Styles to Show Your Barber

January 19, 2016

Admit it- You’re terrible at telling your barber what you want. Lucky for you we’ve got 13 Essential Rockabilly Infographics to help get that Classic Cut you’ve been looking for.

You have all these great ideas about what you’re going to ask for (maybe you even found a barber that practically has the same haircut you’re looking for) but as soon as you sit in that chair your mind goes blank and you hear yourself utter six unforgivable words: Just a little off the top….

Do yourself a favour – Bookmark this page now and just show it to your barber next time you’re staring him down in that big bad, intimidating mirror.
You can ghost-shape your hair in front of them all you want, but the last person you want to confuse is the one holding clippers (not to mention your street cred) in their hands.

Each of these photos speaks a thousand words you don’t even know, and if I’m telling the truth, I still can’t style my own hair without referring back to my Instagram feed. Like putting together a presentation for your soul crushing 9-to-5, sometimes you have to rely on those visual aids.


1 - Pompadour (r) 2 - Scumbag Boogie (b)
3 - FlatTop (r)
4 - Quiff (b)
5 - Crew with a Part (r)
6 - The Ted (b)
7 - FlatTop Boogie (r)
8 - Scumpadour (b)
Reading9 - Tight Contour (r)
10 - Slickback (b)

11 - Junior Pomp (r)

12 - Psycho (b)
13 - Executive Contour (r)

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