10 Instagram Photographers You Need to Follow

January 24, 2016

best photographers on instagram


Believe it or not, some people use Instragram for more than just pictures of their brunch. And if you scour through Instagram long enough, you’ll see how many crazy-talented photographers use it regularly to showcase their work. If you follow Straw Boss Combs on Instagram, you know we have a soft spot for those great shots. We feature our favourite Instagram pictures on our profile- almost on the daily. Whether an expansive landscape – not a human in sight, mountains in the distance creeping into the sky … A path, leading into deep thick fog, tall thick trees jutting upwards out of view …a beautiful girl with wild hair, her back to the camera, hand-knit mittens covering her ears to protect from endless white around her. Every great photo tells a story.

No time for scouring? That’s cool. We’ve created this curated list to get you started. Here (in no particular order) are 10 of our favourite Instagram photographers. Follow them, and prepare to up the game of your Instagram feed!

(Title picture above is from Forrest Mankins)

After finishing up a sunrise hike to Boy Scout Rock.

A photo posted by andrew kearns (@andrewtkearns) on

Plotting my next trip to the NW. ? @liz_devine

A photo posted by Garrett Cornelison (@reallykindofamazing) on

Surf’s Up

A photo posted by Victoria Siemer (@witchoria) on

A photo posted by Humza Deas (@humzadeas) on

coastal getaway

A photo posted by Portland (@nickcarnera) on

Up in the Rainier snow with @andrewtkearns

A photo posted by Forrest Mankins (@forrestmankins) on

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