7 Apps and Websites to Boost Your Productivity

March 4, 2016

We are all looking for tips & tricks to boost our productivity and maximize our time. These seven apps and websites are designed to help you stay organized, and efficient without sacrificing valuable time from your daily schedule.


Featured in Forbes, Lifehacker, and Kickstarter, “Habitica is a free habit building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. With in-game rewards and punishments to motivate you […], Habitica can help you achieve your goals to become healthy, hard-working, and happy.”
It’s a really fun, really useful tool that has proven as addictive as any mobile rpg game I’ve hours into with nothing to show for it. In the past I’ve used Habitica to reward myself for staying under my calorie limit or exceeding my words/day avg but because you are the one setting your goals and rewards, you can apply it to practically anything.



You’re probably already familiar with Evernote. You might already been using to keep your tasks and notes organized, but where Evernote really shines is it’s ability to pull information together for you without having to put it all in manually. The Web Clipper always you to click all or pieces of any web page for future reference. You can have people email you directly @ Evernote so the text goes right into your account. OR if you prefer to pick and chose what’s coming in, you can clip entire email threads to export directly into a new Notebook. In reality Evernote is only useful if you use it for everything but thankfully, there is very little it isn’t capable of handling.




If you’re willing to admit it, the biggest thing making you less productive, is You. Freedom protects you from distracting apps and websites by block exactly what you want, when you want. Block portions of, if not the ENTIRE internet from all your devices to give yourself an uninterrupted block of time to remain productive.




Write or Die

This genius software has three levels of intensity to help keep you on track and moving forward. Sometime the best thing you can do to keep going is never quit. Let’s say you have a hard deadline for an essay, article, or novel. Write or Die was developed by ‘Dr. Wicked’ to give you either positive or negative reinforcement – your choice. Reward mode helps you celebrate your successes, little and large, while consequence mode may start deleting your work if you slow down or stop writing all together.




Sometimes all you need is a simple list to stay focused on your goals and aspirations.  I rely on Wunderlist more often than Evernote because you already have a dozen organizing methods that already suit you (I like to use a white boards and google calendar, personally) but they do offer more expansive options for teams and businesses, giving you the ability to share simple to-do lists, and fully formed projects with anyone, across your entire device lineup.


04_tablet (1)

Google Calendar

So much of my time used to be spent frantically checking emails and notes to make sure I hadn’t missed a deadline or appointment. I used to think I was forcing myself to be constantly aware of my to-dos but in reality I was taking away from my productivity by constantly double/triple checking that what I had to do was still something that needed to be done. Google calendar was the easiest way for me to set start and end dates for projects, reminders for upcoming tasks and location info for appointments. In combination with Google Now, I was always aware how far away my next stop was, including traffic, and what the following days focuses should be in one quick glance.



Google Drive

Cloud storage is nothing new, but no one seems to know how it use it effectively. Yeah, you can schedule regular back-ups so you don’t lose an entire address book when your phones crashes in a software update, but it also frees you to work from anywhere. That sounds obvious, but when was the last time you put in a few hundred words into an assignment while you were waiting for lunch, instead of cruising social media? Better than that, Google Drive (or DropBox, or OneDrive, or Amazon Cloud Drive, etc…) gives you the ability to have your portfolio on you at all times.


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