The Bronze – When MumbleCore Goes Pro, The Pros Go To The Movies

March 26, 2016

2016 indie drama mumblecore the bronze by the duplass brothers directed by bryan buckley 2016 comedy


While the rest of the world shouted their Batman vs Superman disappointment from their twitter accounts, the Straw Boss team snuck off to a nearly empty theatre to take in a foul-mouthed Melissa Rauch and twitchy Thomas MIddleditch in the quiet indie-comedy The Bronze.


The Duplass Brothers’ films are about finding the heart at the core of any person’s story. While The Bronze is only a part of the Duplassverse in-so-much as it is produced by Jay and Mark, it is still very dedicated to showing you a character that may not deserve your sympathy or attention but has (after 90 minutes highlighting their weaknesses and vulnerabilities) earned it.

Expanding on the traditional MumbleCore restrictions, The Bronze introduces us to a world curated by a former Olympic champion, to maintain a level of stardom that simply does not exist outside the boundaries of her hometown.

Hope Ann Gregory lives at home with her father. She spends her days taking advantage of the people around her. She never changes out of her 2004 Olympic training gear and is deeply insulting to everyone around her.

Bryan Buckley’s dark comedy follows on a woman with very few redeeming qualities as she sorts out the post-olympic life never covered in training. How does a deeply insecure person handle the passing of the torch? How does someone that’s dedicated their entire life to one moment live after her moment has passed?


Sure, it doesn’t have explosions or musclebound caped crusaders throwing punches, but does a good night out at the movies really need more than a few good laughs, a big bag of popcorn, and the funniest sex scene since Forgetting Sarah Marshall?


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