The Ultimate Las Vegas Packing List!

April 8, 2016

vintage vegas ultimate packing list


Don’t know where to start packing for your Las Vegas getaway weekend? No worries- The Straw Boss Word Collective’s got you covered! Whether you’re a first timer to Vegas, or a Sin City Veteran, – a list of the must-have’s is essential for any trip.

Here is our list of everything you need to pack for your Vegas Vacation!

Alright, folks. This List covers all you need for your standard 4 or 5 day ‘weekend‘ in Vegas. You may need to add or decrease items if you’ve a shorter or longer stay – but the core of the list is the same. Ensure you have poolside, the strip, and the night-life covered. Don’t overpack – but be sure to give yourself an option or two. You don’t want to be over or under dressed because you didn’t feel like wearing the one appropriate item you packed.


vintage vegas ultimate packing list



  1. 2 pairs dark, well fitting denim jeans. (Without rips) These are going to be your go-to for any Nightlife that doesn’t require more formal clothing (suitable for most clubs and lounges, providing your wearing a nice shirt), and essential for a chilly plane ride, especially if you’re heading North.
  2. 1 pair nice slacks. Yes, slacks. Chinos will do, some nice, well tapered khakis. Something that will pair with a blazer, and could also be dressed down a bit with a polo. These are great for a nice dinner or show, or cruisin’ around like the high roller you are.
  3. 2-3 nice dress shirts. If you are staying on-strip you’ll likely have access to an iron, so don’t worry about cramming them in your carry-on.
  4. 1 Blazer or Sport Coat. While we’re on the topic of looking dapper, bring a jacket to elevate your attire. Opt for a lighter color and fabric to save you from the heat.
  5. Pair of Swim Trunks. Splash! Self explanatory.
  6. 3-4 T-shirts. Some casual ones for during the day and heading to the pool. Have an assortment of both graphics and plain/solids so you have a few undershirts on hand.
  7. 1-2 Polos. If you’re going to be hitting the buffet or any restaurants in the afternoon that are a little more upscale, throwing a polo or two in your bag is a great idea to fit in. There are a lot of great, classy bistro-type spots at each of the strip hotels and your swim trunks won’t fit the dress code.
  8. 2 Pairs of Shorts.  Ensure you have a khaki pair any dressier afternoons to pair with your polo, but also make sure you have a comfortable option for when you’re out touring the strip.
  9. Comfy Shoes. For walking the strip.
  10. Dressy Shoes. You won’t be getting in any nightclubs in your sneakers. Many Restaurants also require them.
  11. Sandals. For poolside.
  12. Pyjamas. If you’re the flannel-type.
  13. Accessories;
  • Socks + Underwear for #days
  • Watch
  • Belt
  • Tie and/or pocket squares.
  • Comb


vintage las vegas packing list



  1. 1 day dress/romper. Something for wearing to a nice afternoon lunch or a stop at the buffet. Also, a nice alternative to shorts.
  2. Cover up.  For heading to and from the pool
  3. Swimsuit. At least one. You may want to pack a second if you’re planning on spending a lot of time by the pool.
  4. 2-3 pairs shorts/skirts. Pick what you’ll be most comfortable in during the day. Light colors are best if you’ll be walking the strip.
  5. 3 Comfortable Shirts. For daytime.
  6. 2 Dressy Shirts. Have a couple of alternate options to dresses at night, and also a few selections in-case you’re going anywhere more upscale in the afternoon.
  7. Pyjamas. For when sleepiness.
  8. Cardigan/Light Jacket. The strip can cool down at night. The hotels and casinos also blast the AC, so it’ll be good to have on hand.
  9. 2 Dressy Outfits. Have 2 nice dresses for night-time excursions.
  10. 1 pair Dark Jeans. An alternate to dresses at night-time. Dark jeans without rips are acceptable in most-all nightclubs/restaurants.
  11. 1 pair leggings/joggers. You’ll want them for the plane home. Trust.
  12. Comfortable shoes. Sneakers, espadrilles. Something you’ll feel comfortable walking in all day.
  13. Dressy Shoes. For night-time. Know that most night clubs require women to wear heels. Yeah, I know. But better to know now than at the door.
  14. Back-up Dressy Shoes. For night-time, redux.
  15. Sandals. Poolside.
  16. Accessories; 
  • Socks + Undergarments #days
  • Belt
  • Sunhat + Beach bag
  • Small clutch/purse for Night-time
  • Jewellery
  • Hair Accessories – Elastics/Bobby Pins
  • Straightening Iron/ Curling Iron (Hotel will have a hair dryer)


jerry-lewis-and-baggage vintage packing list



  1. Phone + Charger. Essential.
  2. Reading Materials. Books and magazines for the plane and pool.
  3. Plane Tickets. Do. not. forget.
  4. Printed Copies of any Reservations/Show Tickets. If you’re headed to a Las Vegas show or excursion, you’ll  likely need to print your invoice(s) to pick up your tickets at the concierge, but you also may be asked for proof of your vacation by customs if travelling out of the country.
  5. Passport + Identification. If you’re from out of the country, bring your passport with you everywhere. Many clubs/bars will not accept driver’s licenses from other countries.
  6. Credit Cards. Pro tip: If you’re from out of the country, call your bank before you leave and let them know you’re off to Sin City. You’d hate to forget and have them put a hold on your account.
  7. Cash. Keep all cash in your safe. Try to divide it and only take what you’ll need each day, so you’re not tempted to throw it all on RED the first night.
  8. Photocopies. Also keep in safe. Passport, Plane Tickets, Credit Card (front and back so you’ve got the number to call if you lose it).This step is a must if you’re from out of the country and will be carting your passport up and down the strip.
  9. Sunglasses. 
  10. Ibuprofen. For yer Hangover.
  11. Birth Control/ Contraception. Because, Vegas.
  12. Bluetooth Speaker. For getting ready (pre-gaming) in your hotel room.
  13. Toiletries;
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Contact Lenses/Solution
  • Sunscreen
  • Razor
  • Band aids (The blister ones are essential)
  • Chap Stick
  • Cologne/Perfume
  • Cosmetics/ Hair Products


Bon Voyage!

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