TRIP REPORT: Las Vegas April 10-15th (PART 3)

April 19, 2016

vintage las vegas trip report

Here is the final two days of our recent trip to Las Vegas! If you haven’t read the earlier posts, head over to PART 1 and PART 2 before reading below!
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Another day, another hangover! We opt for another pool day, and decide to head over to the Wynn to check out the other pool area. It’s quite a bit louder than the Encore pool. Not party loud, but definitely busier, with more families. We lounge for a bit, the area is very nice. There are two larger pools connected by a channel of water. You can cross one of several bridges over the water to get across. There are a few restaurants with patios overlooking this pool, a cabana shop with snacks and supplies, and lots of cabanas should you prefer the indoor-outdoor feel.

We’re both not really up to day-drinking today so we decide to order some snacks poolside instead. There aren’t a lot of vegetarian options by the pool – veggies with hummus dip or guacamole with chips. I try to order veggies from our cocktail waitress but they are all out. Okay, new plan. We throw on our cover ups and head to Zoozacrackers inside the Wynn casino for another Wynn Burger with fries and a chocolate shake.

We’ve been to Zoozacrackers a few times on this trip, and we always make it a stop whenever we stay at the Wynn resort. It’s open later then a lot of the restaurants, and it’s one of the few truly casual spots. We felt completely comfortable in our swim cover ups (romper and denim vest, + swim trunks and tshirt). It’s a great spot to grab a sandwich when your in a time-crunch, and also as a late-night snack. There are currently two vegan items on the menu- the Wynn burger and vegetable sandwich, which are also the cheapest vegan offerings at the Wynn for under $15 pp. For all you omni’s, Zoozacrackers also has an array of deli options, shakes, and desserts. It’s a very casual seat-yourself setting, and the food is served out to you. Reminds me of a Panera Bread.

Living that pool life ?

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After lunch, our hangovers take us back to the quieter European pool at the Encore. Unfortunately by this time the clouds have rolled in an brought with them a tornado of tiny flies.  I pretend not to notice them and keep reading my trashy, vacay novel. Eventually I get too annoyed and we head back up to the room to shower and get ready for dinner.

We head to the Buffet at the Wynn. We’d gone to the Wynn Buffet on our first trip to Vegas and were underwhelmed with the Vegan-friendly options, but after reading some of the recent reviews on Tripadvisor – it sounded as though they’d revamped the buffet added quite a few new stations. The price for dinner is $45pp. They also offer an unlimited cocktails with dinner for $19pp (mimosas, sangria, etc) which was very tempting but after gorging as much as I did, I’m glad I didn’t go for it.

We let the wait-staff know we were both vegan, and within minutes we were taking a tour with one of the chefs. He brought us to each station, let us know what ready-made dishes were vegan-friendly, and what could be special-made should we request it. There were so many options to choose from.

We started at the salad bar, where there were plenty of vegan dishes. Beet salad, cauliflower salad, pickled vegetables, farrow, build you own salad with balsamic dressing. We also hit the sushi station and grabbed some edamame and pickled vegetable rolls before heading to the build-your-own stations.

We had the chef at the pasta station build us a vegan ravioli dish, which was lovely. At the pizza station, the chef made us an entire vegan pizza with vegan cheese. It was the best pizza I’ve ever had. I wish I could have eaten the whole pizza – but for the sake of trying the other veggie options, I stopped myself at my second slice. Jon then headed to the ramen station and had a noodle bowl specially made up with rice noodles and vegan miso. I took a foodbreak and watched him eat it. Then we were off to the taco station where we had Gardein beef tacos cooked up. We both had eyes larger than our stomachs and ordered 5 in total. We tapped out at 3.

After a few more minutes admiring our half eaten tacos and contemplating our calorie consumption, we headed to the dessert station. Vegan friendly choices are tapioca something, chocolate chip cookies (which the chef mentioned but weren’t out. If we had wanted them we could have likely requested them), and two ice cream options; cherry chocolate chip, and raspberry sorbet. Jon grabbed the sorbet and I went full chocolate-cherry tilt.

We then agreed that a room regrouping was in order. This basically means both of us moaning on the bed for an hour and a half watching Storage Wars and the First 48 on A&E.

It is here I would like to talk about (whine, perhaps?) about how big the Wynn Resort actually is. Our first trip we stayed in the Wynn Tower and never even made it over to the Encore. Our second and third trips, we opted to stay in the Encore Tower – which is slightly cheaper per night, and with decor more to our taste. (Encore has a black and gold theme with separated seating area in the king room, whereas the Wynn rooms are gold and cream with an open-concept vibe). The two towers are connected by an Esplanade that houses the club XS, boutiques and the Wynn and Encore theatres. Steve Wynn loves Esplanades as there is another branching off from the Wynn that takes you closest to the Las Vegas strip, plopping you out at the corner of Fashion Show Mall, Treasure Island, and the Palazzo.  By the end of each stay at the Wynn you will hear me cursing the word Esplanade, because one can hear Steve Wynn saying it every time the TV is turned on in your room. (You’ll also likely hear it on the website too, if you dare be transported).

So, long story short, if we wanted to hit the strip, we needed to walk through the Encore Casino to the Encore/Wynn ESPLANADE, then through the Wynn Casino (heyy, Beetlejuice), and down the Wynn ESPLANADE. True Story. Much Far.

When in Vegas. #jagermeister

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So, cut back to post-buffet pain – we decide not to waste our last night and we head back down to the Wynn Casino. We share an energy drink (spiked with Jagermeister) to get our butts out of bed, and gamble for a little bit. I pick a 2x 3x 4x 5x machine that yells at me and flashes a lot. It hurts my eyes. Jon eventually comes over and shows me I can turn the brightness down. Thanks, Jon. He sits at a machine with a tall 7 multiplier bonus round that hits every few spins. Both of us put in $20 and it lasts the night. I’m an erratic gambler though, so as soon as the yelly-flashy machine starts drying up I hop over to Flintstones and win $60. Then Flintstones get boring and I’m away on to the Golden Pumpkin.

Jon finds me across the casino at about 1am and we head over to Treasure Island to hit the CVS up for some chips. I am also daring to buy a big, frozen, alcoholic sugar-rush – but as soon as we make it outside we realize it is FREEZING OUT. Nix The Ice Drink. On our short walk past the Fashion Show Mall to the CVS, we see someone being loaded into a stretcher amidst dozens of cop cars and watch a creepy guy get kicked out of the CVS. On the way back – a group of girls get in a pretty serious fist fight (only yards from the police vehicles mentioned earlier) and the creepy CVS guy again, who then follows us across the mall, mumbling creepily about my hair and how I must like the ganja. I can’t even spell ganja. The red squiggly lines under it with ‘no suggestions’ tell me it ain’t not a word.  I just want to go back to the Wynn with my chips. We soon bump into another couple heading up the same escalator to cross the street. And, like polite Canadians – we hustle in front of them and sacrifice their backs to the creepy CVS man.

We gamble a little bit more on the never-depleting $20 and then eventually retire to our room to snack our chips and chip away at our still mostly-full duty free tequila (#dadpun). We check out Friday morning, so I decided to drunk re-fold my suitcase. I do a pretty decent job.



We set our alarms for 8 am like adults. We press snooze until 9am like young adults. Once we’re finally up, we quickly hustle to get ready and pack up the rest of our things. We make it downstairs for check-out at noon, and then leave our bags at the bellhop desk as our flight out isn’t until Midnight. Time to hit the strip!

We have the last day blahs, so I quickly think of a fun game for us to play while we do one more lap of the strip. Here be the rules:


At the end of the day, the person with the most points wins.

1 point can be earned per person, per casino.

To earn a point, you must win $1, before losing $5.

Basically, if you put $5 in a machine, you need to hit $6 before you hit $0.

If you hit zero, you’re out and you’ve lost the point.



Here’s how the day went..


Kim does a High roller $5 slot spin, ZEROS OUT. Jon’s No-Name Donkey Kong Machine Pays Out. POINT


I can’t remember what we play but Jon’s says that we both won a point. POINTS ALL ‘ROUND.

NEW RULE IS MADE: If we win $20 before we have to cash out with our $1 win and point we are awarded 1 SUGARY FROZEN ALCOHOL. (a Kim Rule, obvs)

Casino Royale

Kim loses $5 to the Beetlejuice gods. NO POINT. Jon wins at Hangover. POINT JON.


Both win on Zuma-styled strange machine! POINTS ALL ‘ROUND



Kim bets on some spinny wheel and loses. NO POINT. Jon finds his bonus 777s machine and wins. POINT JON.

New York, New York

Kim wins $50 on Game of Thrones. POINT + DRINK! Jon also wins less-cool amount on same machine. POINT!

Drinks? Not yet!

Monte Carlo

Kim plays THE MUNNY RETURNS and loses. NO POINT. Jon loses to retro-batman. NO POINT.

Drinks? Not yet!


Kim loses on the Buffalo. NO POINT. Jon loses on retro-batman. NO POINT.



There is no casino here! Regroup.


Kim wins at something. POINT! Jon plays gremlins, loses money. NO POINT.


Kim plays lame Alice and Wonderland. NO POINT. Jon plays non-descript machine. NO POINT.


Kim loses at Evil Lord of The Rings. NO POINT. Jon wins big at Old 7’s. POINT + DRINK.


SUPER-SURPRISE-QUADRUPLE-POINT BONUS ROUND ( a Kim-is-currently-losing rule)

Venetian 4x Points

Kim plays a monster game. Rats! NO POINT. Jon wins via faithful off-brand Donkey Kong. 4 POINTS

Palazzo 4x Points Extravaganza

Both Win! Jumbo, double-screen machine pays out! 4 POINTS EACH!


Kim: 8 Points. Jon: 13 Points.


So by this time it’s now 8pm, and we’ve made our way back to the Wynn. Our impromptu game was pretty successful; we had such a fun day, and even won enough to pay for our boozy drinks and a candy stop at HEXX out front of the Paris Hotel. We make our way over to Zoozacrackers for one final Wynn Burger as we do not have time for a sit-down restaurant. We play a bit with the previous night’s vouchers at the 777’s machine and watch a girl have a drunken-barf attack a few feet away. They get her a wheelchair and try to keep her head up while her friend makes a scene. It’s only 8:30 on a Friday. Poor carpet. We see paramedics pull up while we hop in our cab to the airport.

The security line at the airport is longer than normal and once we’re through and have stocked up on Chex Mix and bottles of water for our flight, the plane is already boarding. I watch the movie ‘Brooklyn’ and cry all the way home while everyone else on the plane sleeps. We land at 6:50a Toronto time. We pick our car up at Park n’ Fly, stop for some hashbrowns and O.J at Mcdonald’s for the drive home, and sleep until Sunday.

Peace out, Encore! ✌??

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Thanks for reading! Let me know if you’ve hit any of the same stops as on our trip! 


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