7 Chill Iced Coffee Recipes to Get You Ready for the Heat!

May 4, 2016

best iced coffee recipes


As the temperature rises, a cup of hot coffee in the morning tends to become less refreshing. As a caffeine addict aficionado, I’m always looking for ways to get my fix  fresh, and exciting new beverages to test toast.

Today, I’m sharing some of the best from the cool side of the caffeinated rainbow. We’ve got cold brews, vietnamese style, Coffee Ice cream, and even popsicles!

So, why wait? Let’s go get our brew on!



(Pictured Above) Spice up your cool bevvy with this spiked iced coffee! This coffee combines cold brewed coffee, irish whiskey, and irish stout beer to create the ultimate cold kick in the pants. [RECIPE]




2. Easy Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brewing is a slow, often overnight process of brewing coffee without the percolater. The resulting coffee is rich and smooth – a unique experience if you’ve never tried it. This recipe is simple to follow, and yields the perfect cold brew for a first timer! [RECIPE]




3. Coffee Ice Cream

This ice cream is the ultimate cold brew. Plus, it totally might actually be healthy because it’s created with puréed banana. This also makes it dairy free – which if like me, you also think dairy is the devil’s nectar – hooray! Dairy free! [RECIPE]



ultimate iced coffee

4. Ultimate Iced Coffee

This recipe uses coffee iced cubes to keep a cool, concentrated brew! Also, instead of creamer this coffee calls for sweetened condensed milk – which I think means if you let it sit, you’ll have fudge. [RECIPE]





5. Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Not really sure what makes it Vietnamese – something about being brewed in a sock. Either way, looks delicious! [RECIPE]



spiked ice coffee

6. Spiked Ice Coffee

Yay! More spiking! If the whiskey and stout from earlier weren’t your bag – you’ll definitely enjoy this ice coffee paired with smooth Amaretto. [RECIPE]




frozen popsicles iced coffee recipe

7. Iced Coffee Pops

If you’re looking for an after-dinner sweet, why not brew up some of these awesome coffee popsicles? [RECIPE]



Which cold brew are you going to try first?


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