Beats of the Week: In Conversation with Coast Modern

May 10, 2016


Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp of pop electronic alt alternative band coast modern la based duo and writers of singles hollow life and animals exclusive interview to discuss 2016 tour song of the summer and SXSW experience

With new releases from Beyonce, Drake, Radiohead, James Blake (and Chance the Rapper) in such a short span, it can be really challenging to stay on top of everything out there right now. Always on the ready to save every block-busting jam from slipping through the cracks, the Straw Boss Crew recently sat down with exchanged emails with Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp of Coast Modern to talk shop and tip our caps in appreciation.

Photo by Ben Kaye

Straw Boss: I feel obliged to say ‘Congratulations!’ on your Spotify/Soundcloud/iTunes presence. How does 2,000,000+ streams feel, when preparing for your first live set? Does the online attention relieve some of the pressure, or pile more on?

Coast Modern: Thanks! As amazing as those streams are, they’re still just numbers on a screen. I think we’ll really start to feel it when we’re locking eyes with beautiful people mouthing lyrics along with us in the same big, rainforest of a room. But I guess those numbers mean there are people out there, which feels great. Now we just have to find them.


SB: How do you approach your live shows? What were some obstacles you encountered reproducing the songs with live instrumentation?

CM: We try to make it feel fresh and live instead of keeping too strictly to the studio recording. We’re rocking live drums and bass. The goal and challenge is to find new sparks of inspiration live, like we felt when we originally made the songs. 


SB: I recently came across your “Sweaty. Breakfast Tacos. High Fives.” tweet review of the whole SXSW experience. How do you expect to describe June in New York after your first headlining show?

CM: Sweaty. Pastrami Sandwiches. Gut punches.


SB: It’s summer 2017, you’re preparing for a grueling, 36 week world tour. What are you putting at the top of your Tour Rider?

CM: Two puppies. Not for keeps though… just let us hang out with some dogs before the show. We’ll be so high on good dog vibes, the shows will be a love explosion.


SB: What are the Vegas odds on Coast Modern releasing this year’s Song of the Summer?

CM: If I say, 2 to 1 will that make it happen? Fingers crossed.


And finally;

SB: In your experience, what makes a Gentleman? 

CM: I think a true gentleman has the self-assuredness to be generous with others without any expectation.


There you have it folks. Dance like no one is watching and give like you’ll never get it back!

Be sure to grab yourself a set of tickets to Coast Modern live shows as they make their way from coast to coast, bringing you and yours those cool party vibes all summer long! Tour dates can be found on the band’s site HERE ! While you’re at it, why not enjoy their newest single Animals on The Straw Boss Song Collective on Spotify, before you fix yourself another serving of Lemonade.


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