Beats of the Week: Deerhoof – From HBO Rejection to Studio Explosion!

May 22, 2016

San Francisco rock and roll punk band deerhoof new album the magic featuring their first single plastic thrills black and white press photo 2016 release upcoming album summer after hbo rejection for Vinyl soundtrack


With 16 albums under their belt, prolific San Francisco rockers Deerhoof are set to release another album just in time for the summer, including three tracks originally rejected by HBO for the series Vinyl. Showing no allegiance to any one sound the “experimental rock” band has kept fans on their toes year after year with releases that have kept Deerhoof in a league of their own.

Before debuting their new hit-series Vinyl, HBO reached out to the members of Deerhoof for a new track to be used in the upcoming pilot episode. You would expect this to be great news for a kickass rock & roll band that seemingly sneezes out face-melting tunes but the request was delivered to the band Friday afternoon, with the expectation that the track would be ready for submission Monday morning. All four members decided it wasn’t worth wasting the weekend and put it out of mind. But in the funny way that theses things happen, they independently began writing at home overnight and by Saturday morning, had 3 solid tracks ready to record.
HBO would reject all three but each will appear on the band’s upcoming album The Magic, set for release July 15th.

Drummer Greg Saunier is quoted saying that The Magic‘s sound is “what we liked when we were kids – when music was magic — before you knew about the industry and before there were rules.” 

Sounds pretty great, right? Mark your calendars, and enjoy the first single Plastic Thrills now on the Straw Boss Spotify playlist while you wait.



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