Beats of the Week: David Thibault – Rock & Roll is Here To Stay

June 7, 2016



French Canadian born singer and 3rd place winner in France’s The Voice: la plus belle voix, David Thibault, recently dropped his debut album. But even with a strong emphasis on the classic rock & roll sound (including covers of Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and more) the stand out track on the self-titled release is a remix that came as the album’s first single.

Before today, there has been a hole in your weekend playlists. You’ve been filling it with bootlegs and b-sides but you still need that one song to pull the whole mix together.
If this week’s track doesn’t find it’s way into your Summer Jam ’16 mixtape, we’re sure you’ll hear it on your friends’.

Check out the Wojownik edit of David Thibault’s Blue Hotel on the Straw Boss Spotify Playlist now!

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