Daughter Knows Best – Babies Reacting to Dads Shaving Off Their Beards

August 30, 2016


Whether it’s making babies try lemon for the first time or telling them you’ve eaten all their Halloween candy, there are a handful of  “pranks” new parents can’t seem to resist. Chances are your own father did this to you as an infant and it’s made for great dinner table reminiscing during the holidays but believe us when we say that nothing could be more dastardly, more emotionally damaging then the dreaded beard shave trick.

While no one in the Straw Boss Crew endorses this reckless behaviour, we all admit that it does make for some pretty entertaining YouTube content. That said, we strongly advise that you DO NOT attempt to recreate any of the irresponsible mischief detailed in the videos below.

Remember: When you can’t trust your instincts, trust your daughter. Don’t shave the beard!



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