GUIDE: How to Grow a Beard – Bigger, Better, Faster

September 7, 2016



We get asked a lot here about beards at the Straw Boss Comb Collective. It seems more and more gents these days are looking for answers on how to grow a bigger beard, how to grow a better beard, how to grow a beard faster, – or even simply- how to grow a beard for the first time.  If you’re among those gentlemen, well- you’ve found the right place.

We’ve compiled all of our handy tips into this Guide: How to Grow a Beard! 

Beard on!


Be Patient

If you haven’t yet hit puberty, come back to this post and try again in a few years. But in all seriousness, the main ingredient to a good beard is time. You may be itching for a long, luxurious face mane … but they don’t call them ‘yeards‘ for nothing. Beards take time. Some days you’ll look at your stubbly man chin and say ‘I give up!’ 

But don’t. Because Beards are rad.


Commit to the Beard

There’s been a resurgence on facial hair as of late. But they aren’t a new trend; for centuries men have been sporting facial hair. With good reason, too; studies have shown men with facial hair are perceived as more attractive, older, more-respected, powerful, an of a higher status than their clean-shaven counterparts [source]. A full beard also signifies a healthy amount of testosterone, which science has pointed could possibly be the single greatest pheromone in existence. Studies have also shown women actually prefer the scent men with higher levels of testosterone.

Every man has their own personal reasons as to why they grow facial hair. Use those motivations to keep you committed when you struggle through those potentially itchy/patchy/not-so-attractive phases some beard growers face in the early stages.


Take Care of Your Face

Healthy soil grows a healthy garden. Okay, I know – terrible metaphor. But, the bones of it are true. If you’ve never heard of exfoliating or soap before, you better start learning. While your new facial hair grows in, not only is it important your skin is healthy and hydrated – but you also need to take care to prevent ingrown hairs. They can spoil any party.

Lather up in the shower daily to keep the skin free of excess oil and nonsense. Remember, if you aren’t accustomed to it – facial hair presents a different environment for your face than before. There will be increased oil production and less air flow – so keep it clean!


Take Care of Your Beard

Nothing kills a good beard faster than dry, split ends and frizziness. Prevent them by investing in a good beard oil (Oh, hey look! We make one!) and using it daily. Look for a beard oil with quality ingredients; argan oil, sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil, one that is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E. Use it daily. Beard oil moisturises hair follicles, and keeps the skin underneath hydrated.

Use your Straw Boss Beard Comb. Keeping a beard maintained and well groomed not only helps you aesthetically, but also prevents split ends, knotting, and keeps frizziness at bay.


Have Good Genes

This is the part you didn’t want to hear. But I’m going to tell it to you, because (I’m honest and also -) you need realistic expectations. How your beard grows depends largely on your genes. Whether wirey, curly or straight, the color, the thickness; every factor depends on your make-up.

The key ingredient (as we mentioned earlier) to growing a beard is testosterone. If you’ve got a lot of it – it’s very likely you’ll make a lumberjack proud in no time. If you haven’t – you’ll likely know already. ( Low testosterone can cause; patchy facial hair, potentially late onset of puberty, lower sex drive, erectile difficulties, lower sperm count, etc.)

Unfortunately, the truth of the matter is that some men can follow every single one of the tips in this guide to a T, and still come out with a sparse, patchy beard. There are alternatives; a potentially rad moustache, a smaller more-stylised beard, some rockin’ stubble. You can even try naturally increasing your testosterone levels if you are dead-set on a full beard.


Maintain a Healthy Diet

There’s a reason it’s said pregnant women have amazing hair. They load up on healthy vitamins for their growing baby, which by default creates the building blocks for strong hair and nails. This same method can work for everyone.

Key ingredients to strong, healthy hair? Omega-3; found in fatty fish, flax-seed, walnuts and almonds. B-Vitamins; Bananas, Spinach, Dark Leafy Greens. Folic Acid; citrus fruits, tomatoes, fortified whole grains, legumes. Protein; lean meats, fish, legumes, nuts, soy products.

While your increasing your intake in the above foods; it’s also a good idea to take a Multi-Vitamin. In addition Vitamin B, Omega-3s, Folic Acid and Protein, you should look for one that also has  iron, magnesium, zinc, and biotin.

Lastly, increase your exercise, drink lots of water, and get enough sleep. These all play in to proper hormone balance. Hair growth is directly affected by the health of your body’s ability to secrete and then deliver hormones to their intended targets. [SOURCE]


Maintain Your Beard

Even if you’re after a ZZ Top beard, you still need to maintain your budding facial hair. You’ll look better during your in-between phases, and a well-maintained beard will be denser and fuller in the long run.

Once you’re about 3 weeks in, you’ll need to establish a shape to your beard. If you are at all apprehensive or unfamiliar with the grooming process – 100% find a reputable barber near you. (We’re following a host of stellar ones on Instagram located all over the world!) If going at this yourself you’ll first want to establish a neck line. Keep it natural, and fade it into your chin. A harsh line flatters very few. Second, avoid trimming your cheek-line unless your beard starts growing in excessively high. Only if you need to, fade this down, too. Then, comb hair out so it is all aligned and in the right direction. Use clippers to maintain an even length throughout your beard, and finish off with some barbering scissors to clean up any strays.

If you are establishing a longer beard, work with a barber to create the best shape for your face. You need to take into account the width of your face and your jawline, so you’ll definitely want a professional’s eye. If your goal is to maintain the shape yourself, let your barber know during your initial trim. They can create a simple style, and even show you some tricks and methods for how to maintain the shape at home.




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