How To: Support Movember Without Shaving Your Beard

November 4, 2016

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Movember season is upon us again and your instagram feed is beginning to fill with handlebar mustaches and crumb catchers in support of prostate cancer research. While the Movember Foundation is the only charity focused on men’s health globally, it’s humble beginnings can be traced back to a small group of friends in Australia.

It’s no doubt that the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas behind the project are doing incredible, impact-full work, but campaign rests on one terrifying requirement….Shaving. If that’s not something you’re prepared to part with, there are still plenty of ways you can support the cause without dusting off the razor and sacrificing the beard.


If you are growing a Mo this month, we want to reward you for supporting the program and raising awareness/funds for Men’s health and common Cancers.

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If you aren’t growing a marvelous moustache this month, there are plenty of other ways to raise funds and support you fellow gents this month;


Surely you know at least one person fundraising this month. Why not support a friend or family member’s campaign? No donation is too small so throw a few bucks toward the cause and see (actually see!) the good your pledge helps accomplish.
Since 2003, The Movember Foundation has raised over $700 Million with every dollar tracked and published for complete transparency.


Host An Event

No one’s expecting you to organize a $10,000 / plate dinner, but a few complimentary cocktails, perhaps an hor d’oeuvre or two and a donation jar is all you need to host a successful fundraising party. And aren’t we all looking for any excuse to wear a smoking jacket and loafers anyway? This year, dress the part and play philanthropist.


Spread The Word

Can’t grow a beard? Fret not ladies and gentlemen. Like all causes, Movember is about raising awareness and starting a conversation that needs to take place if we’re ever to see change in our lifetime. Tweet, tumble, like and share every mustache in your feed, and visit the foundation’s downloads page and help spread the word.


Get Creative

At the end of the day, the Mo is just an easy way to get everyone’s attention. The campaign has become so successful now that anyone seen with a mustache in November is assumed to be gather donations, but for a short time people had to ask “What’s with all the mustaches this month???”
If you’re looking to get everyone’s attention and start a conversation, you’ll find no easier way than adopting the infamous Glitter Beard; Or perhaps you’d like to hold a silent auction for a Mer Beard, with the choice of colour going to the highest bidder!


Stop men dying too young.
Join the movement for men’s health and help support Movember any way you can!


P.S – Did you know that The Straw Boss Comb Collective wants to REWARD YOU for your efforts with Movember this month? Simply show us how you’re participating, and we’ll give you an exclusive MOVEMEBER AMBASSADOR discount!

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