Mailed to Measure – 7 Newsletters to Improve Your Inbox & Save You Time

November 13, 2016



It can be overwhelming to stay up-to-date. You don’t always have time to read every article, and when you finally sit down to digest, it can be hard to determine what’s worth your time. Newsletters can be your secret weapon.
You’re already using Google News Alerts to scan for mentions of your name and Elon Musk’s latest IPO- Automate your inbox.

It’s takes far too long to find good content. Our inboxes should be something we enjoy retreating to after a long day sifting through pop-up ads, click bait, and recycled content.
Tailor your newsletter subscriptions to your own interests and forgot the days when “Load More” was a gamble against your time.


5-Bullet Friday

Tim Ferris, author of The Four-Hour Work Week, is a self proclaimed “human guinea pig” obsessed with deconstructing the habits and practices of world-class performers. In his podcast “The Tim Ferris Show”, he interviews authors, athletes, entrepreneurs and alike to distill the routines, tools and tactics you can use to succeed in your own endeavors. His interests are eclectic and diverse, and each week he sends his subscribers a quick email with “the five coolest things I’ve found (or explored) that week”.
His most recent newsletters have included book recommendations, cocktail recipes, and his field notes on using an experimental device called “The Fisher Wallace Stimulator” that has the potential to treat depression and insomnia.And as a thank you for subscribing to the 5-Bullet Friday newsletter you’ll also receive the first 50 pages of his bestselling book The 4-Hour Workweek, 11 simple must use apps & tools, and a download link for his 4-Hour Chef audiobook.

Imbibe: Liquid Culture

Imbibe is your ultimate guide to drinks and drink culture. Recipes for the perfect after-dinner Ameretto, how-tos on making the most out of mint in your cocktails and even guides on building your own home bar- Imbibe has it all! More often than I’d like to admit, Imbibe has swooped in at the eleventh hour to make food and wine pairings for my dinner parties, and their newsletter is a simplified + condensed version of the same brilliance they’ve been serving since 2005.

Not an alcohol drinker? Check out Imbibe’s alcohol-free section for coffee + tea recommendations and profiles of today’s artisan roasters.

Mr Porter

Mr Porter is a global retailer of men’s fashion located in London with over 300 leading international brands. Their blog “The Journal” is an endless source of inspiration for new outfits and fashion trends no matter your style. But unlike most sites that simply line up a slideshow of celebrities at red carpet events for you to fumble through, Mr Porter has gone the extra mile to breakdown each garment in a given outfit for you to analyze and if so inclined, purchase. Mr Porter is the other gentleman at the party who just may be better dressed than yourself, but takes the time to share his secrets over an Old Fashioned or two.

A recent favorite of ours is their article “Why Male Grooming Is About Much More Than Vanity

Straw Boss Comb Collective

Chances are good that you enjoy staying up-to-date on travel, cooking/recipes, alcohol/cocktails, new music and grooming guides. The Straw Boss Comb Collective isn’t above a little shameless self-promotion combines form and function, both the vintage and modern – for swell accessories that are durable, beautiful, and portable. Each and every comb is crafted with skill and the utmost care. Because You Deserve A Better Beard.

The Straw Boss newsletter brings you the best and most popular articles from the Word Collective blog, and exclusive coupons to use on your next purchase and sneak peeks at upcoming products and offers. Our most recent send-outs have included 8 Man-Friendly Cocktails To Put a Beard on Your Face, Top 40 Tips For The Modern Gentleman, and the How Classy Are You? Quiz


NPR Music, Fake Shore Drive, Pigeons and Planes, Vice Noisey

As a music fan in 2016, you don’t listen to any one genre of music exclusively. In the past there were defined camps for every interest with little-to-no overlap but with the explosion of music streaming services it’s easier than ever to listen to everything. So where do you go for fresh sounds after exhausting your friends recommendations? How do you find a new artist when you’re tired of getting advice from a computer? Well, with tastes as diverse as yours we’re going to have to look for a little extra help in this category.

Pigeons and Planes has been one of the biggest sources of inspirations for our “Beats of the Week” features, and an immediate open when I see their newsletter in my inbox. The discovery portion of the site, their “Music Recommendations Based On Artist You Already Like” is where P&P really shines. Simply saying If You Like Lana Del Ray, Listen To Tara Carosielli or If You LIke Anderson .Paak, Listen to Obongjayer seems like a simple premise for a recurring article but their recommendations are some of the strongest I’ve seen and there are always hidden gems curated by real music loving human beings.

Love independent Hip-Hop? Having a hard-time digging for new mixtapes on Band Camp and Soundcloud? Then let Fake Shore Drive to the hard work for you.
It’s no surprise that Chicago is producing some the best hip-hip in recent years with artists like Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa, and Open Mike Eagle revolutionizing the industry but it’s hard to stay up to date on the underground scene when you’re thousands of miles away and these artist aren’t getting decent national coverage. Fake Shore Drive was established in 2003 for just that reason. They’ve expanded recently to include the entire Mid-West giving you even more reasons to subscribe to their newsletter!

Vice Noise and NPR Music are, essentially, your new music catch-alls. Their interests, like your own are broad and all encompassing. One minute they are dissecting the new Tribe Called Quest album and the next they are highlighting Gillian Welch’s early career. While Vice Noisey is breaking the rules slightly on this list because they don’t actually have a newsletter, I highly encourage you to follow them on twitter or visit the site regularly. Much like Vice News, Noisey is at it’s best when embedding itself inside a niche market or music scene. Recently they went on tour with Fetty Wapp and went deep inside America’s largest Christian music festival.
And like Noisey, NPR Music is a great resource for exclusive content and sneak peeks because if their influence as a national press outfit. If you have your ear to the ground, hunting for truly indie releases you may be a little ahead of the reporting team at NPR but I’ve been truly surprised by some of the recommendations at by NPR and the All Songs Considered staff. They were the first to expose me to John Grant, Car Seat Headrest and if only for the Tiny Desk concert series, I’ll never unsubscribe from their newsletter.

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