Beats of the Week: Radiooooo – Vintage Music for the Modern Man

November 14, 2016

Your days of rummaging through through yard sales and records store clearance bins for hidden vintage treasures is over. If your musical taste and curiosity has ever pointed you away from today’s hits and the top 40 lists of yester-year you already know that finding recommendations outside of Frank Sinatra and the Bing Crosby can be a bit of a task. But a new music streaming service has recently popped up that aims to become an repository to all recorded music, ever!

Radiooooo (that’s “radio” with 5 o’s) is an incredible new (FREE!) service that has become the most recent obsession of everyone at Straw Boss HQ. With music shifting heavily from laptop to laptop, a quick walk across the office feels like a most gentlemanly montage through the last century. While using Radiooooo is as easy as picking a country on the map, selecting a decade and a mood, the real brilliance of the program is in the community and it’s contributors. The algorithms used in most music streaming services are in place to pick apart your taste and make educated recommendations is looking for the strongest most likely connections and unfortunately that means you still have to dig pretty deep if you’re going to find those buried gems.
Everything you find on the Radiooooo is uploaded by real people, sorted and cataloged by real human beings that understand the joy and delight you feel in the the surprise of discovery.

Romanticizing aside, Radiooooo gives you the ability to create prefect playlists for your cocktail parties and hours of unfamiliar tracks to write or read to. It’s a brilliant tool for music discovery that feels more like a time machine than a media player.
Let’s say you want to get a real feel for the wild parties Gatsby and his hooligans were throwing in 1930’s New York, or you want to hear the sounds that soundtrack to every late night Hemingway brought to life at his typewriter the following morning. All you need is Radiooooo, and you’re there.




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