The 5 Best Blood Orange Cocktail Recipes

January 30, 2017

We’re no stranger to cocktail recipes. It can be hard to top a cocktail featuring the citrussy and refreshing zing of a Blood Orange.  Whether muddling the juices for a citrussy-sweet twist, or upgrading the appeal of your apertif with a sophisticated wedge for garnish, the blood orange is a featured ingredient that we just can’t get enough of.

We’ve scoured the internet for the most refreshing Blood Orange cocktails on the net, and are sharing with you our Top 5 picks! Click the ‘recipe’ links to be whisked away to your cocktail-making instructions.

(The image in our post header is drink 2 on our list, the Blood Orange Sparkling Voda)



Blood Orange Mojito

“This Blood Orange Mojito is tart from the fresh lime juice and orange and sweet from the simple syrup. Super refreshing and loaded with citrus flavor…” [RECIPE]


Blood Orange Sparkling Vodka

“..And with winter here I have been incorporating citrus into our meals and drinks, especially blood oranges. Their bright flavor and color are the perfect ingredient for a Valentine’s Day Cocktail.” [RECIPE]


Blood Orange Whiskey Negroni

” I am smitten with this cocktail. You can still taste the rich, musky whiskey, but add a splash of blood orange and Campari, it’s like fruity whiskey heaven!” [RECIPE]


Jalapeno Blood Orange Whiskey Cocktail

“The heat in a fresh pepper and some whiskey will get me every time. Once blood orange season rolls around, I’m powerless. Blood oranges have a great flavor, part naval orange, part raspberry and the color is incredible.” [RECIPE]


Blood Orange Elderflower Cocktail

“I can’t get enough of the prettiness that is blood orange. Every year when they make their appearance, I load up on pounds and pounds of this beautiful and delicious fruit.” [RECIPE]

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