How To: Ask Your Barber for Josh Brolin’s “Cable” Haircut

August 10, 2017

It’s only August and Josh Brolin has already secured the top spot on every year-end list for Best Haircuts of Hollywood. If you’re headed to the barber this weekend for a quick trim, you’ll surely be one of many asking for the new ‘do Brolin is rocking for the forthcoming Deadpool sequel; But how do you guarantee you’ll be Instagram-ready before you leave the chair?

We’ve put together a few tips to help make sure your barber knows exactly what you’re looking for when you say “Give me the Brolin!”

There is no easier method than showing your barber a photo of your style goals, so be sure to bookmark this page on your phone or save a high-res image in your photos. Assuming you didn’t bring a photo, or you’ve been given “the new guy” and you want to go over all the details before getting started, keep the following points in mind:

  • Explain that you’re looking for a High & Tight Fade
  • Ask them to keep it very tight on the sides, as close to 1 as they can get without shaving
  • Keep plenty of length on the top!
  • Slight part on the side

Length up top with a side part is the key to nailing this cut, and keeping you from looking as though you enlisted in the marines.

Remember to pay attention to what your barber is doing, especially while styling. You will be the one faced with recreating and re-sculpting that hiardo each morning, so you’d better know how to do it yourself.


Stay Sharp, Gentlemen!

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