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Banner Ads

The Straw Boss Word Collective offers premium, dedicated sidebar space to our advertisers. Sidebar advertising is visible to each and every visitor who lands on our website, no matter the article, page, or post. We offer 3 different sizes, in per-month increments.

  • PATRON: 300×150. Rates from $40/m.
  • COMRADE: 300×250. Rates from 80/m.
  • BROTHER: 300×600. Rates from $250/m.


Editorial Content

The Straw Boss Word Collective also offers the unique opportunity to reach visitors within our content. Advertisers can curate custom posts and/or have their links permanently displayed through high-quality content.

  • In-Post Links
  • Featured Brand
  • Musician/Band Features
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Giveaways

Editorial content rates at $50/per link, and $300/per post. Please note, all editorial requests are curated – advertisers must fit the theme and content of the Straw Boss Word Collective.



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