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Fixing Your Fixer-Upper: What to Expect When Renovating a Historic Home

May 30, 2017



One important point to keep in mind when searching the housing market for diamonds-in-the-rough: Someone Has To Fix The Fixer-Upper. And guess what? As the new homeowner, that job is now yours.
You’ve saved thousands on the sticker price because of the home’s current condition but that doesn’t mean your a weekend of dusting away from Instagram fame and Pinterest royalty. Depending on how involved your renovations will be, you may be living out of one room in the house for some time, or not at all.

There is great amount of work ahead of you and it’s worth keeping this all in mind before committing yourself to anything. Every home is different, especially when you’re dealing with properties that were likely built before your grandfather was old enough to walk uphill to school. The points listed below are a rough sketch of what to expect once you’ve decided it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

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